Sunday, February 1, 2009

General Updates!

Okay so now I am will be making some updates on my YouTube account and whats going on and whats coming soon. Well first off now that I have this awesome blog up and running I will be applying for Google Adsense today or tomorrow. Also I will post some more exclusive videos tomorrow. On the YouTube side of things everything is going pretty well. I have been getting a good amount of views on all my videos and a lot of subscribers. So yeah... I will be posting a review of my iMac on YouTube and here on my blog soon! If you are just a visitor of my blog my youtube account is "tomandconnerfilms" so just search that up on YouTube and you will find my channel and all my videos. Now most of you guys are wondering since my blog is about becoming a YouTube Partner it will end soon. Not really! My blog will continue on and then I will post my videos answering your questions tomorrow! Now you guys are wondering "Hey tom since your blog is about becoming a partner are you one?". Actually I was accepted yesterday. But I need an approved adsense account so when I apply for Adsense with my blog (I will have my parents apply for me) I will use that as my Adsense for YouTube. So thats my update for now. PEACE!

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