Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey Guys!

Got my iphone 3g! Its such a awesome phone I have been able to do a lot more things faster now!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sorry about no recent posts. I have been busy with YouTube and gaming. I got Killzone 2 it KICKS ASS. I will post more often here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Featured Youtuber: micgamer16

Hey guys today i want to talk about the #1 awesome youtuber. And that is micgamer16. PLEASE VISIT HIS CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE TO HIM AND COMMENT ON HIS AWESOME VIDEOS!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Xbox 360 Jasper Ends RROD?

Xbox 360 chipsets have had a lot of dirty RROD'S. For Christmas I got a Xbox 360 Jasper and it has worked great! But has it ended the rain of the RROD? I bet not but we should at least hope that nothing bad happens. Also this may be a sign but the Xbox 360 Jasper has a built in 256mb internal memory. What I mean is I think that maybe the next Microsoft console will have internal memory. I think what they are doing now with the removable memory is great but i guess internal memory would be nice. 

Good Adsense Placement?

As you might notice by the ads my blog was approved for adsense! But unfortunately I have only made $2.25. I have been looking around trying to figure out how to start earning more on adsense. I did hear that were you actually place your ads effects how much money you make. So if anyone has any tips for the readers post it in the comments

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Gaming Setup


I am warning you do not use Wyzo! It has the worst security ever and you will get your passwords stolen! It also has to be the slowest browser!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skate 2 Review

First we had the still famous Tony Hawk skateboard game series then the skateboard game industry had a reboot when we got Skate. Skate was the most revolutionary skateboarding game and still is. Now Black Box the creators of Skate have come back for a second time with Skate 2. Skate 2 introduces new tricks, skate parks, and skaters. I would call Skate 2 a refresher to Skate. In Skate 2 at the beginning you get out of prison to find out a new company Mondo Corp. has taken over the city and wants to get rid of all skateboarding. Your goal in this game is to regain the city for skaters. This game is jam packed with photo ops, footage missions, online games, and more! Some people claim that this game is short but if you play through everything in the game it could take a good 11-12 hours to complete. While there are some frame rate issues the game is still the best skateboarding game I have ever played. There is only one more thing I wish they removed from the first game.....Yep you guessed it the weird rag doll moves your character makes when you fall. Over all I give this game a 9.6

n00bs fight back!

Ok so funny story I just got Halo 3 on a Saturday afternoon and I started it up and started playing some team deathmatch. I was ranked number 1 in that match and it was my first time playing! Then I started receiving messages saying I was so good and here is were the story gets good. So I replied say "Thanks it's my first time ever playing Halo 3." Then I received a message like 30 minutes later saying "Hey I bet your a stupid lier! I bet you have been playing a long time! And it doesn't even matter I let you win I was bored!". Yeah really.... Ok so really if you are going to send hate it's really lame to say you let them win. I mean come on....

Metal Gear Solid 4 Unboxing

Here is one of my older videos

YouTube cracked top 10!!!

YouTube cracked the top 10 most viewed sites on the web! I think thats pretty cool. For this blog I want all you YouTube artists to answer this question. What got you started on YouTube and why? I remember why I started and you are lucky if you are reading this. I am finally going to announce how I got the name for my channel. Ok so all my oldest YouTube friends would know this but I have a lot of newer friends on YouTube. My youtube channel is called "tomandconnerfilms" because my friend conner a real life friend not a youtube friend we decided to make a youtube channel and post tech videos. Eventually he got tired of it and went on to other things but I will be here for a while. So thats how my youtube name came to be and I really wish I could change it without having to make a new channel. Oh well

A fresh start for Sony?

As most of you know Sony's 2009 line-up is AWESOME! First we have Killzone 2 which is getting 9.5's or higher from every reviewer. And lots more. So far nothing much from Microsoft about games but you know them. We weren't expecting Gears 2 now were we. So who knows but I have beliefs that right when Killzone 2 hits shelves Microsoft will announce something. So maybe Sony will do good this year unlike 2008 which was Sony's most horrid year in sales.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Apple's #1. Most Pointless Product

I am sad to say this but there is one Apple product that is completely useless. The Apple TV. The reason I say this is useless is because it's the same thing as a mac mini but a mac mini has more! Mac Mini has Front Row and wi-fi which makes it the exact same as Apple TV but it have internet, GarageBand, iLife, and more! Sorry Apple but I think we would have survived without Apple TV.

Becoming a YouTube Partner: Quality Content

Some people have asked. I have like 500,000 total video views and over 1,000 subscribers why was I denied? Well most times when this happens it's because you have a lot of copyrighted content or the quality of your content is not that great. Try to put time into your video's and make them good people! Also don't give up! Keep improving your videos and gaining more viewers and eventually when you apply again they will accept you and it will be all worth it. JUST STICK WITH IT

Windows 7 Debate

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about Windows 7. Windows 7 will be coming about in the middle of this year or around the end. Many people are saying that the beta is great and Windows 7 will be phenomenal. I have the beta and I think it's great and stuff but I think I will stick with Vista and Leopard. First let me say it is not even close to as fast as Windows XP. It has some new features but I think they just added some more security and some bells and whistles. I think the people who have known and loved Windows OS will definitely like this but to other mac users it will be almost the same. In another sense this will be a relief to others because by what Microsoft is saying the security is very good and maybe better than Windows XP (I doubt it). I just don't think it's worth buying and you don't have to agree with me but that is what I believe so you can go whine to someone else. So about being my but who really cares you should believe what you want to. Thanks for reading!

Here is my last post until this afternoon!
This is a cool little thing I did when I was bored

Killzone 2: Gears of War Killer?

Ok so now I will be changing over to gaming. Killzone 2 isn't even out yet and 9.5's and 9.8's and flying around. Trust me guys this game is awesome. I was playing the beta awhile back and the graphics are so awesome you will think you are actually there. There are fights going on everywhere around you it's amazing. I didn't pre-order this game but I will definitely buy it soon. The game hits store shelves February 10th, 2009. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Becoming a YouTube Partner: Copyright

As most of you should know when you become a YouTube Partner NO copyrighted content is allowed in your videos unless you have permission from the artist or creator. If you have copyrighted content in a video of yours and the content owner reports it the video can be removed or YouTube will REMOVE your account. So you have to really careful about copyright. Say you are a partner and you are making a video and in the background your sister is listening to music. If you can clearly hear the music in the video they can remove it or suspend your account for copyright. So watch out for copyright.

YouTube Partner Update

I am sending in a application for Adsense tomorrow. If you don't already know I was accepted to the YouTube Partner Program but I need an approved Adsense. That's all for now! An other post tomorrow

Whats Wrong With You Gamestop???

Here is a funny video I made awhile back....enjoy!

General Updates!

Okay so now I am will be making some updates on my YouTube account and whats going on and whats coming soon. Well first off now that I have this awesome blog up and running I will be applying for Google Adsense today or tomorrow. Also I will post some more exclusive videos tomorrow. On the YouTube side of things everything is going pretty well. I have been getting a good amount of views on all my videos and a lot of subscribers. So yeah... I will be posting a review of my iMac on YouTube and here on my blog soon! If you are just a visitor of my blog my youtube account is "tomandconnerfilms" so just search that up on YouTube and you will find my channel and all my videos. Now most of you guys are wondering since my blog is about becoming a YouTube Partner it will end soon. Not really! My blog will continue on and then I will post my videos answering your questions tomorrow! Now you guys are wondering "Hey tom since your blog is about becoming a partner are you one?". Actually I was accepted yesterday. But I need an approved adsense account so when I apply for Adsense with my blog (I will have my parents apply for me) I will use that as my Adsense for YouTube. So thats my update for now. PEACE!
Here is my game collection! Enjoy!

Becoming a YouTube Partner: Applying

Hello again and welcome to my "Becoming a YouTube Partner" Blog. In this post I will take you step by step through the application process. Please scroll down for part 1 and 2. So first off to apply visit Once there if you are under 18 have a parent or guardian make a youtube account for themselves and apply for YouTube Partnership and link your YouTube account in the application. Depending on when you apply it will take different amounts of time for YouTube to respond. On monday-friday it usually only takes a few hours for them to apply. On weekdays it could take around 2-3 days. If it has been 4 days just be patient. Thanks for reading in the next post I will talk about what to do once you are approved!

Becoming a YouTube Partner: Qualification

Hello and welcome to my "Becoming a YouTube Partner" blog. This is part 2. I will be talking about what stats you need to qualify to become a YouTube Partner. First you need to live in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or Ireland. You need to have AT LEAST 300 subscribers, 70,000 total video views, and 20,000 channel views. Also you need at least 10 videos. Thats about it for qualification. 

Becoming a YouTube Partner: Google Adsense

Hello! Welcome to my first blog! This blog is for people who are trying to become a YouTube Partner. In this first blog  I will talk about Google Adsense. To become a YouTube Partner you need an approved Google Adsense account. First if you are under 18 years of age you will need a parent of guardian to apply for you. Go to then in the top right hand corner select "Apply Now". Fill out the application and submit it. Then go to your email open the Google Adsense email and confirm your application. Thanks for reading part 1 of my how to become a youtube partner blog. Part 2 soon!