Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skate 2 Review

First we had the still famous Tony Hawk skateboard game series then the skateboard game industry had a reboot when we got Skate. Skate was the most revolutionary skateboarding game and still is. Now Black Box the creators of Skate have come back for a second time with Skate 2. Skate 2 introduces new tricks, skate parks, and skaters. I would call Skate 2 a refresher to Skate. In Skate 2 at the beginning you get out of prison to find out a new company Mondo Corp. has taken over the city and wants to get rid of all skateboarding. Your goal in this game is to regain the city for skaters. This game is jam packed with photo ops, footage missions, online games, and more! Some people claim that this game is short but if you play through everything in the game it could take a good 11-12 hours to complete. While there are some frame rate issues the game is still the best skateboarding game I have ever played. There is only one more thing I wish they removed from the first game.....Yep you guessed it the weird rag doll moves your character makes when you fall. Over all I give this game a 9.6

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  1. thanks! I looked at your review here then i got the game and it is awesome! Thanks you rock!