Tuesday, February 3, 2009

YouTube cracked top 10!!!

YouTube cracked the top 10 most viewed sites on the web! I think thats pretty cool. For this blog I want all you YouTube artists to answer this question. What got you started on YouTube and why? I remember why I started and you are lucky if you are reading this. I am finally going to announce how I got the name for my channel. Ok so all my oldest YouTube friends would know this but I have a lot of newer friends on YouTube. My youtube channel is called "tomandconnerfilms" because my friend conner a real life friend not a youtube friend we decided to make a youtube channel and post tech videos. Eventually he got tired of it and went on to other things but I will be here for a while. So thats how my youtube name came to be and I really wish I could change it without having to make a new channel. Oh well